Cough and Cold

13 products

    13 products
    Fern C Family Bundle (240 caps)
    Fern C Sodium Ascorbate
    from ₱85.00
    Fern C Plus (Vitamin C with Zinc)
    from ₱99.00
    Neozep Non-Drowsy (Phenylephrine HCI, Paracetamol)
    from ₱69.00
    Decolgen Forte (Phenylpropanolamine HCI Chlorphenamine Maleate Paracetamol)
    from ₱77.00
    Biogesic Paracetamol 120MG For Kids (2-6 Years Old) Orange Flavour (60mL)
    Medicol Advance Ibuprofen 200mg (5 softgels)
    Loviscol (Carbocisteine) Syrup (120mL)
    Advil 200mg Liqui-gel (10 soft-gel capsules)
    Solmux (Carbocisteine) (4 capsules)
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    Tempra Forte Paracetamol 250MG Syrup (Strawberry) (60mL)
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    Tempra Paracetamol 120MG Syrup (Orange) (60mL)
    Sekaya Pu-erh Trim (8 Teabags)
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