What is Covispray and what can it do for me?

by Health Mart

As the number of COVID-19 cases goes higher and higher, doing what we can to prevent contracting the virus becomes our number one priority. And if the odds aren’t in our favor, we try to do everything we can to prevent our symptoms from worsening.

So, apart from taking our daily vitamins, wearing masks, ensuring proper hygiene, and getting vaccinated, what else can we do to stay as safe and healthy as possible? 

Enter: Covispray, a nasal spray designed to slow down and stabilize respiratory diseases. Because it’s a new innovation in the market, it’s no surprise that there is still confusion around what exactly the spray can do. So, we’re answering some questions on Covispray below:

  • Can it treat the coronavirus? 
  • Simply put: no, Covispray is not a cure for COVID. It’s described as a “topical treatment to suppress and stabilize the virus progression,” and can be used in the early stages of contracting the virus to lower the risk of severe respiratory distress symptoms. It doesn’t work as a substitute to physician-prescribed medicines and treatments, but rather as a complement to these, to help alleviate progression of the disease.

  • If I use Covispray, does it mean I won’t get COVID?

  • There hasn’t been any fool-proof solution to protect us against the coronavirus. But, there are protocols and products that lower the risk of us getting infected or experiencing severe symptoms. These include getting vaccinated, wearing masks, taking vitamins, maintaining proper hygiene, and using FDA-approved nasal sprays, such as Covispray. That said, using this doesn’t promise that you won’t get the virus, but rather, that the severity of symptoms can be lowered. Studies also show that it helps prevent spreading of the disease.

  • Are there any side effects I should look out for?

  • There aren’t any known adverse effects or negative reactions to using Covispray, but bear in mind that a slight tingling sensation in the nose, as well as nasal discharge a few seconds after usage is completely normal. 

  • Can I only use Covispray if I have COVID?

  • It may also be used as a precautionary measure on a day-to-day basis, but just for short-term use in the nasal cavity (not as something you constantly spray throughout the day). It doesn’t just lower the severity of coronavirus symptoms, but it can lessen the effects of other infections too, such as fever, loss of smell and taste, headaches, body pains, and sore throat.


    Better safe than sorry! Stock up on Covispray for yours and your family’s optimal well-being and let Healthmart bring health to your home.


    NOTE: Information on COVID-19 is constantly changing and new studies are coming up every now and then. For the latest updates, check out the CDC’s website.

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