Vitamins to Boost Health and Productivity When Working at Home

by Health Mart

With the emergence of COVID-19, there have been a lot of changes to our lifestyles. We have embraced the new normal as most struggle to adapt and thrive. Given the threat of the virus, it is not a surprise that people are prioritizing their health now more than ever. 

Keeping our health in check during online classes and work from home set ups has been challenging. Prolonged screen time is known to be a cause of physical, mental, and emotional stress to students and workers alike. Work from home for many has meant working 24/7.

Taking the right vitamins may help play a crucial role in ensuring one’s optimum health and performance while learning or working. We have listed five essential vitamins and their benefits that encourage healthier and more productive habits:


Zinc for Enhanced Learning and Memory

Studies have linked Zinc intake to improved cognitive function. People with healthy levels of zinc respond quicker and more accurately on memory tasks. Zinc plays a crucial role in regulating how neurons communicate with one another, affecting how memories are formed and how we learn.

Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc


Vitamin B Complex to Boost Brain Power

Vitamin B Complex supplements include all the essential Vitamin B in one pill. Studies associate higher Vitamin B6, B9, and B12 in blood levels lead to better performance in memory, problem-solving, and word and sentence formation.

Kirkland Super B-Complex


Omega 3 for Improved Thinking Skills

Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA, EPA AND DHA) have powerful benefits both for the brain and the body. They are proven to help stimulate thinking skills while also regulating the brain’s structure and ability to perform. 

As online classes may take a toll on your mental health, studies reveal that EPA supplements can help reduce anxiety and depression. Those who consistently take DHA supplements also may reduce the risks of macular degeneration and other vision related problems.

Cardiclear Omega-3 Fish Oil


Vitamin A for Healthy Vision

While taking Vitamin A has a lot of health benefits, it is mostly known to promote healthy vision. Low levels of Vitamin A may cause white spots to develop in the eye, leading to problems with night vision and blindness. 

Maintaining healthy eyesight is important given long hours of screen time during online classes and online work conferences. If your eyes sometimes feel strained or you get headaches, it may be due to a lack of Vitamin A. 



Melatonin for Better Sleep

Stress brought about by online classes and work from home set-ups can also contribute to difficulty in sleeping. As our bodies need to rest, proper sleep is essential. Taking melatonin supplements help regulate your body’s sleep-wake cycle, especially for those who have trouble falling asleep.

Sleepasil Melatonin


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