Post-vaccination: What comes after the jab?

by Health Mart
Now that you’re vaccinated, what’s next?

You’re fully vaccinated, now what?

Post-vaccination pointers

Vaccination has been a trending topic between friends and family for the last couple of months, and it’s only within reason that it is. While getting vaccinated doesn’t mean we’re 100% safe from contracting COVID-19, it lessens the effects on us, as well as prevents us from getting hospitalized or becoming terminally ill.

As many have said, “the best vaccine is the one you can get soonest.” Though there haven’t been recent breakthroughs regarding transmission rates of COVID for those fully vaccinated, getting jabbed protects you and can even keep those around you safe.

So, now that you’ve gotten your doses, what’s next? Life doesn’t go back to normal straight away, and safety precautions like social distancing and wearing masks are still highly encouraged. We’ve listed down practices to still follow post-vaccination:

  • Stay masked.

  • It has been said time and time again that being fully vaccinated doesn’t mean you’ll never contract COVID. While there hasn't been any solid evidence that those that finish their prescribed vaccination doses can’t transmit the virus, wearing a mask doesn’t just protect you, but those you come in contact with too. 

    Keep your peace of mind and that of those around you by keeping your mask on!

  • Stay clean.

  • Whether it’s making sure surfaces are spotless, sanitizing common areas regularly, or washing your hands frequently, following these three measures to keep clean means you’re doing your part in helping prevent the spread of the virus as well as other bacteria. 

    Carrying a bottle of sanitizer with you at all times can help keep you protected too, even while you’re out and about!

  • Stay protected.

  • The vaccine doesn’t make us immune to COVID-19, and wearing masks isn’t always enough. To ensure we’re our healthiest selves to lessen the effects of COVID in the event we contract the virus, or even to keep us in tip-top shape on the daily, a daily intake of immunity-boosting vitamins is a great help.

    While this won’t prevent contracting the virus, Vitamin C  can help strengthen your immune system as well as prevent inflammation—lung inflammation, a severe COVID-19 symptom, can lead to grave respiratory issues or even death.

    Other vitamins that would be good to include in your daily roster are Vitamin D, which can help protect against respiratory diseases, B Complex Vitamins to maintain the immune system’s optimal function, and Zinc to help boost T-cell (t-lymphocytes) production for the body’s quicker response to infection.

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