Here’s How Fish Oil Looks After Our Heart And Head

by Health Mart

You’ve probably encountered the term fish oil or omega-3 before, and have heard about how good they are for the heart. But what exactly is it? 

Simply put, fish oil is oil derived from fatty fish tissues. These oils contain omega-3, which is known to lessen inflammation in the body while having cardioprotective properties. While not everyone is the biggest fan of eating fish or has the luxury of time to prepare fish meals, fish oil can be taken as a supplement to one’s diet. 

Fish oil’s benefits go beyond lessening inflammation, better eye health, and reducing liver fat. Here are five reasons to add this omega-3 fish oil to your daily intake:

  • Helps heart health

  • Omega-3 is known to lower triglyceride levels by about 15-30% and blood pressure for those with elevated levels. It also helps prevent plaque that can cause hardening of the arteries and for those at risk, it lowers the occurrences of fatal arrhythmias. While fish oil can increase levels of good cholesterol, it hasn’t been proven to reduce bad cholesterol yet.

  • Aids treatment of some mental disorders

  • Because our brains are made up of around 60% of fat, where the majority of it is omega-3 fatty acids, we need omega-3s for better brain function. Research suggests that those with certain mental health disorders like psychotic disorders, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia have lowered omega-3 blood levels. This is why fish oil supplements may help reduce symptoms or for those who are at risk, lower the chances of acquiring these disorders.

  • May improve hyperactivity and attention in children

  • Behavioral disorders in children include hyperactivity and lack of attention. As omega-3s make up a big part of the brain, ensuring that we get enough of it, even at an early age is important for lowering the risk of behavioral problems such as, but not limited to impulsiveness, aggression, hyperactivity, and inattention, especially in children. Plus, taking omega-3 fish oil supplements at a young age may also help improve a child’s learning abilities.

  • Can help with symptoms of depression

  • It’s interesting to note that those with major depression have been known to have lower levels of omega-3. There have been studies conducted that show omega-3 fish oil can improve depressive symptoms too. 

  • May slow down signs of mental decline

  • While research has shown that those who eat more fish experience a slower decline in brain function, especially at an older age, there hasn’t been clear evidence yet on whether or not fish oil supplements help too. But, smaller independent studies have proven that fish oil may improve memory in healthy, older adults, which is why it may still be worth taking. 

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