Essential Vitamins and Minerals to Boost Your Kid's Immunity

by Health Mart

What your body needs is different from what your kids need. They need a more balanced diet and nutrition to help them grow and for their body to help fight the germs around them. In addition, their immune system is not as strong as an adult’s. 

To help your kids grow stronger and have more energy, they need the following:


As our kids grow, they need calcium which gives them the essential building blocks that they need for their bones and teeth.

Recommended intake:

  • Ages 1-3: 700 mg of calcium daily.
  • Ages 4-8: 1,000 mg daily.
  • Ages 9-18: 1,300 mg daily.




Vitamin B

This is important for a healthier metabolism and it assists in the production of red blood cells. It also gives your kids more energy, and a healthy heart and nervous system. 

Recommended intake:

  • Babies: about 0.5 mcg daily.
  • Toddlers: 0.9 mcg daily.
  • Ages 4-8: 1.2 mcg daily.
  • Ages 9-13: 1.8 mcg daily.
  • Teens: 2.4 mcg daily (2.6 mcg for pregnant teens)




Vitamin C

#1 vitamin that strengthens and boosts a healthy immune system and gives your kids the nutrients they need for brain development. This also helps produce collagen for healthy bones, teeth, and skin

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Vitamin D

This vitamin works hand in hand with calcium to build strong bones. In addition, also helps in the prevention of common bone diseases.

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Vitamin E

Aside from Vitamin E, this is one of the vitamins that is truly essential in strengthening your kid's immune system and helps your kid’s blood vessels clear and flow well.

Recommended intake:

  • Ages 1-3 need 9 IU of vitamin E daily.
  • Ages 4-8 need 10.4 IU daily.
  • Ages 9-13 need 16.4 IU daily.
  • Teens need as much as adults: 22 IU daily.





Aside from Vitamin B, iron is also essential for red blood cells. For it helps carry oxygen throughout your kid’s body.

Recommended intake:

  • Kids: 7-10mg daily.
  • Teens: 11mg daily (15mg for girls who have started menstruating)



For utmost boosting and to give your kids a stronger immune system, adding zinc to their daily intake is the way to go. It also has other benefits like healthier skin, good metabolism, and resistance 


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You may also check out other vitamins and minerals at that your kids may need.

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