Strengthening Immunity: 5 Vitamins You Need During the COVID Pandemic

by Health Mart

COVID-19 took the world by surprise, ushering in a global pandemic to kick-off 2020. Today, millions have been infected with the disease as people remain under lockdown. With time in hand, this pandemic has forced everyone to rethink their everyday health and wellness lifestyles.

As supermoms, we need to do everything we can to safeguard our family and children's health and safety, especially since there's still no cure for COVID-19 yet.

We're sharing 5 vitamins that are must-haves for families during this pandemic. While not a cure for COVID, each and every one of these vitamins may help boost your immune system. A strong immune system means better chances of killing any virus or disease that enters your system, avoiding costly hospital visits.

Here are the 5 Vitamins and Nutrients You Need Especially in Pandemic Times

1. Vitamin C - known as ascorbic acid, this nutrient is essential in firing up your immune system by increasing the cells in charge of this bodily function. It combats various diseases and can aid in staving off illnesses, such as COVID-19 and the flu. It also serves as an antioxidant, which could protect your body from inflammation

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2. Zinc - a mineral not produced within the body so it must be obtained through food and/or supplements. It has many functions and against the disease, zinc plays a huge role as it is relied upon for the development and function of immune cells. Ensuring adequate zinc consumption would give the consumer a better chance to fight diseases through the strengthened immune system.


3. Vitamin D - it has been shown that supplementation of vitamin D aids in protecting the body from respiratory infections and viruses, and it helps in promoting rapid recovery. Also, one early study from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation Trust and the University of East Anglia has attributed deaths from COVID to Vitamin D deficiencies.


4. Vitamin B Complex - B6 and B12 have been shown to maximize the strength of the immune system. Taking B Complex regularly may promote fewer weaknesses in the immune system attributable to deficiencies in vitamin B.

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5. DHA from Omega-3 - Against COVID, Omega-3s are known to fight off chronic inflammation, amongst other things. This is important as it could protect you from the lung inflammation associated with COVID-19.

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It can be a bit challenging to prepare a full course balanced diet everyday given scarce grocery opportunities and challenges to acquire fresh food and vegetables. That's why supplementing your diet with Vitamins from tablets to liquids makes perfect sense for the modern supermom.

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By: Lorenzo Enriquez


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