Another Coronavirus Christmas: How to celebrate safely over the holidays

by Health Mart

We’re only days away  from Christmas and New Year, and despite the circumstances, the holiday spirit is slowly filling the air (albeit quite late, compared to previous years). As the number of cases go down or remain at a steady rate, the reports and worries over the latest variant Omicron seems to be causing more and more worry.

And so we’re left wondering: will this be another year of virtual holiday celebrations? As the novelty of planning online parties wears off, restrictions have become slightly less rigid, and so the hope of seeing our loved ones face-to-face lives. 

But, before you go out and about, here are some ideas on how you can celebrate safely with family and friends:

  • Outdoors over indoors.

  • The general rule of thumb is that the outdoors are still safer than indoors. Think: garden parties, rooftops and balconies, or even al fresco restaurants if dining in someone’s home isn’t feasible. Crowded and poorly-ventilated spaces are an obvious no-no.

  • Keep it among a close bunch.

  • Sure, you haven’t seen most of your friends and family over the last almost two years—but for now, big reunions can wait. So, opt for close family and friends to keep your bubbles in control, and to avoid super spreader events. To be on the extra safe side, conducting testing prior to gatherings is advised.

  • Vaccination is key.

  • Keeping yourself protected from the virus is your way of keeping those around you safe, too. For those who aren’t eligible for the vaccine yet, making sure they are around vaccinated people only is the next best way to lower the risk of contracting the virus. Of course, if you are sick or are experiencing any symptoms, skipping the gatherings is your way of making sure your loved ones stay healthy.

  • Masks on.

  • Even when with a tight-knit bunch, proper wearing of masks is still recommended—it helps protect you and others! Needless to say, when it’s time for food and drinks, eat, drink, and be merry (while staying safe, of course)!

  • Maintain proper hygiene and social distancing protocols.

  • Alcohol and disinfectants are essential items in your bag, washing your hands is still important, and keeping your hands away from your nose and mouth can still help. And even with people you haven’t seen in awhile, it’s still good to keep a considerable distance from those living in different households. It lessens the risk for everyone, and ensures a safe and responsible gathering. 

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    Information on COVID-19 is constantly changing and new studies are coming up every now and then. For the latest updates, check out the CDC’s website.

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