5 types of teas for 5 types of people

by Health Mart

The cool, rainy weather might just be the perfect reason to have a cup of tea. But aside from keeping us warm, these comforting herbal drinks hold a bevy of benefits, specific to what you might just need.

While it might be intimidating going through never-ending lists of flavors and variants, some are more straightforward and let you find what you need straight away. If you’re still confused, we’ve listed down our recommendations depending on the goals you want to reach—because as they say, ‘different strokes for different folks.’ 

The ones who want to improve their body systems

Now and always, health must be a top priority. When it comes to making sure our bodily systems are performing at their best efficiency, it doesn’t hurt to supplement our diet and other healthy practices with other sources that help keep our systems strong.

We recommend:

  • Sekaya Immune Brew: Made with European herbs that are known to keep the sniffling and sneezing away, it helps strengthen your immune system, especially when it’s at its most vulnerable state. It’s a must in times like these!
  • Sekaya Liver Vitality: It serves as a diuretic and contains medicinal roots and seeds that aid the liver in its detoxification and healing functions. Plus, it helps improve thinking, mood, memory, and digestive system functions too.
  • Sekaya Gentle Detox: The perfect cleanse for your system, this blend contains the best traditional botanics from the East and West. It’s gentle on our bodies, but tough on toxins!

  • The ones who wish to debloat or trim down

    Whether it’s after a big meal, because of PMS, or other reasons, no one enjoys the feeling of bloating or feeling heavy. Give your body a cleanse and some relief through teas that might just have you feeling as light as a feather!

    We recommend: 

  • Sekaya Aftermeal Treat: Thanks to the botanicals in this infusion, this tea helps relax the digestive system through improving bile flow, lessening acid secretions, and even breaking down fat.
  • Sekaya Pu-erh Trim: Originating from Yunnan Province in Imperial China, this popular Asian medicinal drink helps lower cholesterol levels and aids in weight management. Apart from its weight loss benefits, it also treats common colds, flatulence, poor digestion, and the onset of dysentery.

  • The ones looking to clear up their complexion

    Our diets and hydration levels don’t just keep our systems healthy, they also affect the condition of our complexion. When you’re looking to treat troubled skin, it helps to detoxify and cleanse  it from within. 

    We recommend: Made with sarsaparilla root which is known to be an internal skin cleanser, Sekaya Skin Cleanse clears skin impurities from the inside out thanks to its high detoxification content. 

    The ones in need of an energy boost

    It’s not out of the ordinary to be low-energy every now and then. But, when the time comes that you’re in need of a little boost, some help from a cuppa is never really a bad idea.

    We recommend: Made with a combination of Eleuthero, Ginkgo and Schisandra Berry, this Sekaya Energy Mix green tea balances your mood and adds positive energy to keep you motivated all day long. It’s perfect for when you need to tick many things off that to-do list!

    The ones who crave relaxation and better sleep

    When you’re a little bit too wired from a busy day, finding your calm can get difficult. For times like these, look no further than a good ol’ cup of tea and let its warmth bring you comfort and much-needed peace.

    We recommend:

  • Sekaya Cozy Calm: This decaffeinated Indian tea is made with a blend of botanicals with calming properties, so you can unwind after a long, stressful day.
  • Sekaya Easy Nightcap: Containing traditional botanicals, this blend eases restlessness, anxiety, and stress to help you get a good night’s sleep.

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